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Looking to reach a totally new, virtually untapped market?

A mass technological exodus is under way as major brands and television advertisers discover the increasing advantages of connected television advertising versus traditional cable- and broadcast television advertising, including:

  • A wider, faster growing audience
  • more device options
  • increased interactivity,
  • easier targeting
  • better tracking
  • higher video quality
  • increasing content available which means more advertising opportunities

According to a recent IAB study, ad spending for Connected TV has grown 66% over the last two years, and according to eMarketer, it will grow from $7.46B in 2015 to $9.59B in 2016. There’s a simple, obvious reason all this money is being spent on connected television advertising:

Connected Television advertising works.

It’s no wonder Connected Television is the fastest growing segment of the entertainment industry and the fastest growing new technology since the Internet. If you have yet to include connected television advertising into your overall marketing strategy, you’re already missing the boat! Get on-board today.

You can start by advertising on the Big Brands network of channels. We produce some of the top channels on connected television platforms, including:

  • Classic Rock TV
  • Screamin’ Metal
  • Latin Beat
  • R&B Hits
  • The Astrology Channel
  • PetMania!
  • TAT2 TV
  • MovieWire
  • Hip Hop Scene
  • and more!

Every day our channels reach millions of viewers via Roku and other connected devices, across the nation and worldwide.

Big Brands offers advertising programs to fit every budget, too. In fact, a 15-second spot on any one of our channels can cost as little as $5 CPM — that’s just $5 per 1,000 views, or $0.005 (1/2 cent) each!  We also have access to dozens of more channels via advertising partnerships, so no matter WHERE you want to advertise, Big Brands can help.

For more information on advertising with Big Brands, including our current rate card, email